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Our Story


Bohemian Bungalow was an iconic venue around Eumundi and the hinterlands for many years. However about 18 months ago sad news arrived to the community as the Boho shut its doors. In 2020 we celebrate the re-birth of this iconic venue! With the help of the guys from Little Mermaid GC Cafe on the Gold Coast, The Bohemian Bungalow welcomes you for delicious brunches, dinners, tasty cocktails and great atmosphere to a destination like no other.

It takes a village to raise a vibe

A destination like no other

Our food philosophy

Use local

Supporting local community is one of the Bohemian Bungalow's principles. We carefully select most of our produce from local suppliers in order to bring the best quality food to your table.

Join us


The Bohemian Bungalow
69 Memorial Drive, Eumundi
07 5442 7727
Wed-Sun 12pm-Late